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Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a government-based scheme to protect your organisation, regardless of size against frequent cyber attacks. Certification is achieved through self-assessment and offers genuine reassurance that your IT systems can protect against the most common cyber attacks.

Cyber-criminals traditionally hunt for organisations with underlying vulnerabilities to exploit with the purposes of more widespread attacks. This certification can help you address the basics to prevent frequent attacks. RoundWorks IT can offer as much or little support for your organisation to achieve certification where ever you are based, whether Nottingham, East Midlands or elsewhere.

It is also important to note that if you work in training or education and are completing the certification, it is recommended that you complete the Cyber Essentials program.

Types of Cyber Essentials Available

Cyber Essentials Basic

  • Self-assessed.
  • Requires independent verification.
  • Required to complete the ‘Plus’ certification.

This is the base level of certification which is self-assessed in the form of an 8 section questionnaire and involves independent verification.

With this level of the certification you also receive the Cyber Essentials branding to use for your business on your website and emails.

Upon completion of your certification with us you will also receive £25k of Cyber Insurance!

Feel free to contact our team today if you would like to find out more about Cyber Essentials Basic.

Cyber Essentials Plus

  • Additional independent technical audit.
  • Requires a ‘passed’ Cyber Essentials Basic.

Cyber Essentials Plus still involves the questionnaire but includes an additional step in the form of an independent technical audit.

The purpose of this audit is to ensure that the cyber essentials are in-place within your IT systems and you truly meet the criteria. However, it is also required that the ‘Basic’ certification is passed before moving on to the ‘Plus’ certification – this must be done within 3 months of each other.

Similarly to the ‘Basic’ certification, Upon completion of Cyber Essentials Plus with us you will also receive £25k of Cyber Insurance!

Get in touch with our team today if you would like to find out more about Cyber Essentials Plus.

Why get certified?

Here are the three most common reasons as to why Cyber Essentials is a necessity for your business.

Commitment to Cyber Security

Provide clear, government-backed proof that your business is safe to work with.

Governmental Contracts

Public sector work is often a large source of revenue for small and medium businesses. To bid for this work, you’ll need to be Cyber Essentials certified.

Continuous development

As technology advances so does the world of cyber attacks and threats. Being Cyber Essentials certified demonstrates your commitment to security as the landscape continues to evolve.

Why RoundWorks IT for Cyber Essentials?

What we offer as part of our Cyber Essentials service.


Government-backed Cyber Essentials certification. 100% pass rate


An all inclusive cost, no hidden fees, no travel costs, no consultancy fees – it’s all in.


We don’t hold your hand through the process, we complete the process for you.


We’ll provide expert advice on any further investment that may be required before passing.


We’ll triple check you’ve got a good chance of being successful, before we commence via our simple pre audit checklist.


We continue to assess users and devices for cyber essentials compliance.

What our clients say...

Diann Turpin



RoundWorks are amazing and super efficient!

Callam Guild



Extremely responsive, at quick speeds, and always prepared to go the extra mile to understand and help you! Brilliant service.

Ian Cromie



We've used RoundWorks IT for a number of years now and are really pleased with everything they have done for us. They have provided tremendous support with our office and hardware needs, including a huge office redesign. The team on their Helpdesk are top class. They are approachable, engaging, and committed to finding solutions. It doesn't matter what your level IT knowledge is, you feel comfortable calling them.

Paul Williams



As a seasoned client of RoundWorks IT we have been so impressed by not only the professional service, expertise and speed of delivery in dealing with issue, but additionally we are over the moon by their “nothing is to big/small” and “can do attitude”. Backed up by decent service charges and without doubt excellent value for money, (what you see is what you get) the Brunts charity would highly endorse this company to anyone wishing to have a quality and reliable IT support services.

Matt Parker



Fantastic company, friendly staff. Always get the problem solved quickly and effectively.

Sarah McNicol



RoundWorks IT always provide a prompt, professional and friendly service. They care about their customer and this comes across in the responsive approach and in the way they communicate and keep me updated. I feel reassured knowing that any IT problems that crop up will be sorted in a timely manner and that ongoing IT maintenance is handled.

Andrew Jackson



The fantastic Roundworks team have transformed our IT management during the last 12 months. Prior to engaging them as our outsourced IT provider, our small charity muddled along trying to resolve our IT issues ourselves or by asking friends for help. Using their service has saved us hours of time (trying to google the issues) and has brought an increased level of professionalism to our work. I would highly recommend Matt, Luke and the whole Roundworks team to any SME or charity looking for outsourced IT. Great service, excellent response times, and clear, jargon-free communication!

George Atkinson



Roundworks are light years ahead of other IT support companies that I have worked with in the past. The service is exceptional and friendly and everyone that I have encountered is more than competent.

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Get Cyber Essentials Certified.

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Cyber Essentials improves the credibility and confidence of potential customers. Let us assist, however big or small your requirement and no matter if you are based in the Midlands or Yorkshire, we can help!

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